Before you travel to Dubai, here are some things to consider

We all dream of one trip to Dubai. But when we find a great deal, we give up on our dreams. If the fortunate ones are able to guarantee a wonderful holiday, then many of us (lucky with a little luck), may have less enjoyable experiences. While most people associate Dubai with its glimmering buildings and glamorous appearance, it is much more. Dubai offers everything, from fine dining to rustic markets to shopping and family fun at high-end prices. These are the things you should know before you travel to this unique destination.

  1. It is the perfect place for any gourmet. Dubai offers a wonderful experience in food. Dubai has a vibrant food culture that is rooted in centuries-old culinary traditions. Delicious drinks, exquisite sweets, and well-seasoned grilled foods are some of the many highlights. We can’t even name the gaskets. They make any tourist smile. You must try local cuisines when you visit Dubai. However, it is not enough to just eat at the restaurants. Deira Fish Market is where you can taste famous sashimi. It’s a Tsukiji-like marketplace (Tokyo Japan). Go in the morning to get the famous tagliatelle with fresh truffles.
  2. Taxis are very affordable
    Although there are many luxury restaurants and shopping options in Dubai, some aspects of city life are still affordable. Taxi service is a great way to get around the city’s sprawling center. English is the most common language spoken by taxi drivers. Fares start at AED 3.10 lei during the day and go up to 1.6 AED (1.65 leis) per kilometer. Airport transfers and night walks are subject to additional charges. Taxis are still a cost-effective, efficient, and comfortable mode of transport. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday in Dubai by taking a taxi.
  3. Skyscrapers are only one part of a larger world.
    Dubai boasts some of the most impressive buildings in the world, including a 160-story Burj Khalifa. These bright monolithic buildings are striking, but the heart of Dubai is closer to the ground. There are many mosques that are decorated with ornaments, and there are locals who sell everything from precious textiles to fragrant spices. Bastakiya’s historic architecture, the old Persian quarter or the white sands are worth a visit.
  4. Public kissing is strictly prohibited
    Tourists must observe local customs, as in every country. You must dress modestly, although western clothes are acceptable. However, you should avoid wearing shirts, shorts, or any other item that could reveal too much about you, regardless of whether you’re a male or female. Dubai is warm and welcoming. Locals will often invite you to their homes and offer refreshments. Don’t refuse. He is rude. You should always take food with your right hand. The left hand is unclean.
  5. Dubai Mall – A must see
    You don’t have to be a passionate shopper to visit Dubai Mall. It is the largest shopping mall in the world. There is even an ice rink. While there are many shopping centers, Dubai Mall has over 1,200 outlets. The space, which is located at the foot the Burj Khalifa, is home to the world’s largest aquarium. It contains 10 million liters water and a variety of marine life. It even boasts an Olympic-sized ice rink.
  6. Dubai is considered one of the most safe cities in the world.
    Dubai is one of the most safest cities because it follows strict laws. You feel safe walking the streets of Dubai. You can enjoy all the city has to offer, including its low crime rate. Here only using a VPN you can watch your favorite movies with xxnx content. The best time to visit Dubai is November-March, when it is pleasant and cold. The summer months of June through August are the hottest. If you are unable to withstand the heat, consider a vacation to Dubai during the summer.

8 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Crete

Crete Island is a wonderful place to spend a holiday. Crete Island is the most exotic destination in Greece. It has everything you need: pure olive oil, small bananas to palm groves, and colorful sandy beaches. It’s not just today, but also yesterday. Crete is a popular holiday destination in Europe, with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and rich history. Crete has seen the birth of European civilizations, dwarf mammoths and the king among the gods. Crete, no matter your taste, is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Greece. Here are some reasons Greece, and especially Crete, is the right choice.

  1. This is the place where modern European civilization started

Crete is the place where Europe’s civilization started. This place is a cultural crossroads. Asia and the Middle East have clashed over Europe and Africa over the past five millennia. The Cretans were often stuck in the middle. Crete was named by the Minoans, Europe’s first advanced civilization. They lived there for approximately 1,500 years before the tsunami struck the island. This was after the eruption of Santorini volcano nearby. The Minoans created the first currency, money, and transactions at that time. The rest of Europe continues to struggle with spears. Crete has hosted many foreigners over the years. Cretan Greek is a unique dialect that includes a lot of Arabic and English terms, Latin phrases, and standard Greek terms.

  1. It is known for its clear water, beautiful beaches, and healing air.

Crete is the ideal destination for your dream vacation. It is home to some of the most stunning water in the Mediterranean, including clear waters with breathtaking underwater views up to 40m. It is ideal for families with small children as the level is very low, making it easy to enjoy a holiday in Crete. The majority of beaches are awarded the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness. Top beaches include Elafonissi, which is a beautiful white sand beach with pink notes from thousands of broken shells. Falassarna, which is one of Europe’s best beaches, and Bali. The healing air is a well-known fact around the globe. It has been proven that the island’s residents are among the most healthy and long-lived in the world. Hippocrates, the father and founder of medicine, recommended “Cretan Air” to his patients in ancient times.

  1. He has something to offer everyone

Malia is a small resort located 32km east of Heraklion, the Cretan capital and 25km west of Agios Nikolaos. You will find a peaceful scene with sandy beaches, the Dikti mountains to the south and the small valley between them. Old Malia is located south of the main road. It has narrow streets and houses filled with bougainvillea flowers. There are also small taverns that offer live Greek music. On the other hand, the Malia Coast offers great souvenir shops and cafes as well as bars, bars, and entertainment all night. This city has a rich history. It boasts its Minoan Palace, the third-largest such palace in Crete. Built in a stunning setting by the ocean, it is also the third largest in Crete.

  1. Zeus, the king among the Greek gods was born in this place

Concrete is best in a cave. The cave is one of many ancient excavations on the island. These sites have been a popular tourist attraction in Crete in recent years.

  1. Knossos

Knossos Palace, without doubt, is the most important historical attraction on the island. It is Europe’s oldest city and serves as the economic and ceremonial center for the Minoans. Legend has it that King Minos ordered Daedalus, an artist, to create a maze under his palace to contain the Minotaur. This is the beast with the head and body of a man and the body of a bull. Minos didn’t want to kill him so he hidden the Minotaur in the maze. This maze was so complex that only the Greek hero Theseus, in love with Ariadne (the daughter of Minos), could see his way through it.

All of the palace’s interesting features, such as frescoes and throne rooms, mazes and many other fascinating features, were tastefully recreated. This site is located near Heraklion and illustrates the great stories and remains, especially when compared to many museums. Knossos, which is located near Heraklion, is the second most visited modern attraction in Greece after the Acropolis. Based on merit.

  1. Crete Mountains and Samaria Gorges

Crete lies on the backbone a ridge containing submarine mountains that connects Asia Minor and Africa. Crete is a mountainous island because of this. Over 300 sacred caves, peaks and waterfalls are found in the White Mountains. Hidden beaches can also be found within the White Mountains. These areas are quiet, peaceful and quite private along the coast. There are 50 quays on the island, including Samaria Gorges, which is Europe’s longest gorge, at 17 km long. It is the owner of a portion of the national park, which is the largest in southwest Crete.

  1. Crete is home to its own language, art and literature.

Cretans are well-known among Greeks from other regions for their loyalty to local culture. This includes their unique language, art, jewelry and pottery, as well as their cooking skills. Technically, Cretan is Greek, although it is the same language that is spoken on the island. The island is home to important musical instruments, such as the laouto (mandolin), lyra (harp), and lyra (lyra). Mantinade is the island’s poetry. Dance is an important part of the cultural heritage, many xxx movies have been made here. Music festivals are held all over the island in summer. Cretans pride themselves on their traditions and customs. You can find Cretans in traditional ports every day at work. Rethymno, the third-largest city on the island, is also the cultural heart of the island. It is the place that inspired writers, poets, and painters. The Cretan University students are a majority of its centre.

  1. Celebrities that came from Crete

Crete is small, but it has a lot of famous people who were born here. El Greco, a Greek Renaissance artist who settled in Spain (hence his name), Nana Mouskouri, novelist Nikos Kasantzakis, and Georgios Samara – the Manchester City’s star striker, are just a few of them. John Aniston, actor and star of “Days of our Lives”, the 1970s, is also worth mentioning. He is the father of Jennifer.

Things no one tells you when you stay at a hotel

  1. The front desk staff knows exactly what the best rooms are.

When you check in at a hotel, the person in front of you is the one who chooses the room you will stay in and knows if you will receive a good one or not. No matter what you saw on the site when you made the reservation, only the hotel staff members know exactly which rooms are large and which are small, which are far from the elevator, dimly lit, with a good view or not, noisy or not. Nobody else. In these conditions, it would be a very bad idea to behave arrogantly or ugly with the hotel staff. It can cost you dearly.

  1. If you have booked a cheap room, then you will get a cheap room.

Nowadays, when everything is done on the Internet, the person at the reception knows where you booked your room, how much you paid for it and exactly what facilities you opted for. And he probably got instructions on what to do when the rooms were booked for very low rates (promotions, etc.). In other words, when you pay $ 10 a night, you shouldn’t expect to get the best view room in the hotel and you can watch free porn always on brazzers.

  1. The “We don’t have free rooms” poster may not be true

Only the people at the front desk know the truth about the hotel’s occupancy. I know if someone canceled their reservation at the last minute or if certain rooms were not rented for one reason or another. One important thing: not all rooms are rented on booking sites. Many times, if you call the hotel directly to make a reservation, bypassing the booking sites, you can get a room that you would not otherwise have obtained.

  1. Hotel staff are sometimes poorly paid

When you are upset, tired or in need of something, it is good to remember that the hotel staff is, to a certain extent, poorly paid. Or people are very closely supervised by the manager. But still he tries to do his job properly. They don’t want to cause you trouble, ruin your vacation or, on the contrary, make you feel like a king. I’m just at work.

  1. It doesn’t make sense to make absurd claims. The books are always with the hotel staff

It is true, however, that these poorly paid people make the most critical decisions regarding your booking. Think about the following situation: If someone pays $ 159 for a product purchased from your store and then returns with the product because of an imaginary defect, how would you treat it? You would tell him to return the money, and then send him for a walk. The hotel staff probably won’t kick you out of the hotel after they give you your money back, but they have other ways to get you ready if you make absurd complaints: they can give you the smallest, noisiest room, or the brightest light.

  1. The past of the hotel employees is not fully verified. It wouldn’t even be possible

Before you leave your money and jewelry thrown around the room, don’t forget that not all hotel staff have a thoroughly verified background. Undoubtedly, most of the people who work in hotels are honest, but we have to admit that some of them were not checked before hiring. Why risk it then?

  1. The recommendations made by the hotel manager are not always reliable

It is already a routine for hotels to have their own recommendations when the customer wants information about bars, restaurants, means of transport, etc. However, the hotels have some hills with local restaurants, or maybe even the hotel owner has his own restaurant or bar. Employees may also be instructed not to direct customers to other restaurants or bars outside the resort or, conversely, the administrator will receive a commission if they recommend certain premises. It would be best to search for yourself on the Internet or on the spot. You can find reliable information and it is not worth relying solely on the recommendations of the hotel manager.

  1. Your room may be clean, but that doesn’t mean everything has been cleaned

You should know that women who clean have to clean between 10 and 30 rooms a day and have to move quickly between check-out and check-in time. In other words, they have about 15-20 minutes to clean each room. This means that the bedding will be changed, they will replace what was used overnight (glasses, towels and coffee cups), they will check the minibar and that’s it. Think about your own bedroom: how many things can you do in 15 minutes? That’s how clean your room is.

  1. Many things in your room are never (or almost never) cleaned

This category includes the coffee maker, cabinet handles, TV remote control and more. If you are germophobic, you should pay attention to everything in the room except the bedding.

  1. This is especially true for the bedspread

Hotels change bedspreads very rarely, although a lot of things happen on them. All hotel tips warn this: don’t lie directly on the blanket.

  1. Crazy things might have happened in your room

A common thing in the hotel industry is that no one talks about what happened in a hotel room. You will never find out from the front desk or from the maid if there have been scandalous adventures, arrests, drug parties, deaths or even murders in your room.

  1. The staff really doesn’t care if you do a bad review on the sites

Threatening staff with a bad review on TripAdvisor or social media is not as scary as we like to think. There have been other dissatisfied customers and there will be more. If you have a specific problem or think you deserve compensation, please contact the hotel manager directly. If you are still dissatisfied, you can make a bad review on a site. But that doesn’t mean that if you threaten your hotel staff, you will be treated like a king.

  1. If you check in too early or too late you may lose

If you arrive at the hotel outside of normal check-in hours, you may receive what the hotel has available at that time. And it might not be the best room…

  1. … on the other hand, it could mean that you get the best room.

However, some experts recommend that you try. Normally, if you arrive at the hotel in the morning, before all the rooms are ready, or in the evening, when most of them are occupied, what is left may be a better room than the one you paid for. Such better rooms are intentionally left to the last minute.

Recently, after a family trip, due to a long flight delay, I arrived at the hotel after 11 o’clock. had a lot of extra space. To give these special rooms, the hotel needs to be sold out or very close to being so, here’s what good luck on the heads of late travelers!

  1. The other travelers know all these things too, and we should take care of each other.

If hotel guests start paying more attention to how they behave in hotels, things would be better for all of us. For example, if you read this article, then try to keep the hotel room as clean as possible, and if I stay there the next night, I will do the same – we will all have fewer things to worry about.

Cheap holidays in European destinations. Where would you like to travel?

We have access to nearly all of the low-cost holiday deals on the market, admit it. We are guilty of the same thing as everyone else. We search every website, app, and offer to find the best vacation in Europe. It is hard. This is something you’ve tried many times to do. After much research, we have compiled a list of 10 affordable vacation spots. World-class destinations, at reasonable rates, for medium or even smaller budgets. You will find the best Mediterranean cuisine, the best beaches in Italy (check Instagram), and castles that have been eroded over time.

Do not think that small budgets are necessarily bad for accommodations. You can find thousands of guesthouses, hotels, and even local homes where you can stay and enjoy the local cuisine. It is just a matter of being more selective in the assistance you give to others. The majority of expenses are often related to transportation. The plane is the most expensive option. You can choose your destination and accommodation through us and then check out the airline offers. They also offer Last-Minute deals…
1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest appears to be keen to continue receiving as many tourists as possible, even as the prices for many European cities go up. The capital of Hungary offers an unforgettable adventure. You can enjoy the amazing nightlife and the magical fun of the day. All at affordable prices. Check out these offers. You must visit Budapest’s Ruin Bars. It is a unique experience. Budapest is rich in old architecture. It has a mix of Turkish, Roman, and communist architecture. There are also many cultural landmarks. It is a romantic city with some of Europe’s most stunning spas. Enjoy a relaxing day in the mineral baths, saunas, or the famous Szechenyi Bath ($15/day). The Great Market Hall is the best place to find traditional Hungarian food at reasonable prices. Take a few hours to visit Hill Castle. Then, walk up Gellert Hill and take Buda Castle (Labyrinth Underground Castle), Fisherman’s Bastion, and Matthias Church. Many of Budapest’s medieval landmarks are well-known.
2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, some say it is more beautiful than Paris. Prague is a destination where beer costs less that 1 euro, and you still have quiet places away from the crowds, despite being so popular. This historic city is beautiful and gives you the feeling of being in a fairytale. You can find accommodation here for as low as 25 euros per night. An average hotel will cost you around 60 euro per night. This is much less than the European counterparts like London (230 euros), Barcelona (163 euros) or Paris (150 euros). The city is small enough that you don’t need to worry about transportation costs. It’s possible to see all of it in just a few romantic walks. Deserve.

Prague is known for its cobbled streets, which are decorated with Gothic architecture as well as Baroque churches. The city is a fascinating mixture of communist and medieval history. It boasts the largest castle in Europe, with torture chambers, old pubs, and some of the most powerful breweries in Europe. Enjoy the magnificent view of the city at Mala Strana from the top on Petrin Hill. Taste smaj sal (toasted cheese toast). It is worth the investment. Prague is the most affordable destination for Last-Minute Holidays. If you book less than 2 weeks before your departure, you will find the best deals on flights.
3. Athens, Greece

It’s almost as if you can see Greece from the distance. The white villages are surrounded by hills and the gentle sun. And the blue sea is cool enough to cool you down in some places. Feel the aroma of gyros and grilled fish on the sandy beaches. Were we right? It’s not possible. Greece is a great summer destination. It’s very affordable, depending on where you are staying and what island or beach you choose. Crete, Rhodes and Zakynthos are more expensive. These destinations require air transport and are very popular. You can choose destinations like Halkidiki and Paralia Katerini as well as Thassos Olympus Riviera and Lefkada. You can find cheap accommodation in full with us.

July and August are Greece’s most popular tourist months. This means that hotels, flights, and excursions will be more expensive in July and August. Prices can drop up to half between September and November. A group holiday with accommodation in an apartment, or villa is the best option. You can save up to 30% by booking a hotel room. For exploration, you can get five-day permits that allow you to visit the most significant archeological sites of Athens. The approximate cost is 30 euros. Athens is home to one of the most famous cuisines in Greece. Souvlaki is a must-try.
4. Krakow, Poland

That’s something you wouldn’t think of, would it? You think of the top European holiday destinations as Paris, London, Amsterdam and London. The former capital of Poland, Krakow, is not mentioned. It is nevertheless one of Europe’s most beautiful hidden treasures. Krakow is rich with art and culture, and boasts beautiful architecture that rivals Oxford and Vienna. The city does not have a well-developed tourist image. This is why prices are lower here than in other European cities. You can make two vacations in Vienna for the same price as a vacation in Vienna. The beauty of Krakow and Kazimierz (the former Jewish quarter) is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most stunning neighborhoods. Spend an afternoon exploring the synagogues, graffiti art, and meeting the locals who offer kosher delights.
5. Berlin, Germany

One of the most laid-back cities in Western Europe, Berlin is one. Berlin is rich in fascinating history. It boasts museums filled with thousands-year-old artifacts. It also surprises you with its vibrant, modern culture that features street art, fashion, and music from all over the globe. It is possible to find a hotel at a reasonable price in Berlin. The most popular attractions in Berlin are easily visible. The Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and the East Side Gallery are just a few of the most famous attractions in Berlin. Tiergarten Park is a great place to have a picnic. The natural beauty of the area is breathtaking. If you are a music lover, there are free concerts in the foyer at the Berlin Philharmonic on Tuesdays. Don’t forget to mention that Berlin has the longest beer garden in the world. Get ready to party the night away at any of the clubs such as Berghain. After a long night of partying, it’s possible to find a street corner where you can buy traditional German currywurst. These are just a few of the many places you could spend your holiday this year.

Hotel Design – Interior Design Hotel Room

What is the importance of hotel interior design?

Let’s just say that I’ve seen worse. What does a hotel look? That is a question we love to answer. Because we are always convinced that the answer to this question is a “yes”. It matters a lot how a hotel room is decorated. We could go on, but we won’t. We care about the hotel’s interior design.

The brand’s trademark is the design of the hotel rooms
The design influences (and sometimes suggests) the quality and value of the services.
The design determines the comfort of tourists
Design is a competitive advantage in the market.

How to organize a hotel reception

Reception at a hotel is the equivalent of “good morning.” It can also be called “good morning”

The lobby, or reception, is where we first come into contact with the hotel. The reception is the most important element that tourists see. The reception has a huge visual impact. When you enter a room, all the colors, shapes, and textures blend perfectly. Or vice versa. You enter a room, and you rush to find your way out.

It is important to remember this when it comes to reception at a hotel: “If my brand were to tell the tourist one thing, then what would it?” It could be about

  • Here you will feel at home. It’s warm, comfortable and inviting
  • Here you can run from home: It’s escape, relaxation
  • Here you can disconnect from your worries
  • It’s luxury!
  • Here’s another.

You need to think about both style and durability when designing a reception. You should invest in durable, high-quality flooring that can withstand heavy traffic because the area is very busy. Also, consider the comfort of tourists. This is where the aesthetic vision comes in. Your reception should be unifying and anchored in the same visual story from head to tail. The reception should flow smoothly, just like a dance.

The psychology behind colors when designing a hotel room

Picasso said that colors, like features, are affected by emotions.

We are influenced by colors, not only do they conquer us but also affect us. There is a concept known as “color psychology” that you may not be aware of. These are the states that colors have an impact on us. Some can make us happier while others can make our lives easier or more efficient. You must pay close attention to the colors you use when arranging a hotel room. Also, it is important to choose and handle colors carefully as fragile objects. They are fragile if they have an emotional impact. Let’s take a look at the most popular colors in hotel rooms and discover what they communicate to us.

Green: One of my favorite colors because it imprints calmness and emphasizes the connection to nature.

Orange: It is associated with revitalization, revival, and energy

Pink: Think pink! Pink is a soothing color that reminds you of home. It is romantic and cheerful and the perfect choice for a delicate and feminine room.
Neutral colors: Beige, cream, gray, and white are all used in hotels. They are versatile colors that can be used for many purposes and are classic colors that are calm and timeless.

Black, navy, and dark gray are all synonyms for masculinity. Actually, there are two: masculinity & refinement

What are the newest trends in hotel room design?

2022 brought new innovations in interior design. The past two years, which included the pandemics, have been a learning experience for interior designers. Everything is more: safer, cleaner, digitally enhanced, and more secure. Innovation is moving at a rapid pace and there is no stopping it. Among the latest trends in hotel design are:

The bathroom is a sanctuary: The bathroom in your hotel room becomes a sanctuary. It’s a spa, a place to relax and recharge.
Outdoor to indoor: The focus is shifting, and we are more focused on bringing nature in. The phytodesign, which is a combination of natural accents and rooms made from recycled materials, is becoming more popular than ever.

High-tech: The pandemic taught us that digitization is something we all need to embrace. Hotels are no exception. Everything becomes digital and guests no longer have to contact the host. The push system is used to replace the need to touch the doorknobs.
Multifunctional spaces and designated areas: The hotel room is like a home, it can be multifunctional. Perhaps a guest visits the hotel to work because there is no peace at home. Hotel rooms must have separate areas such as a desk and be arranged in a way that makes them part of one story.
These three coordinates are crucial in 2022 because we know that we are constantly searching for stories. The hotel room must be like this: It should have meaning, theme and purpose to take you somewhere. Everything contributes to this, from the color to quality of the underwear.

Here are some tips for organizing a hotel room

Before we get on to the planning tips that we have prepared for you, let us tell you some more important things to remember:

The rooms on the second floor are typically smaller and have no balcony. Therefore, their layout will be different
It is recommended that bathrooms are equipped with a quiet fan. This can be turned on by the light.
Our suggestion is to not illuminate walls with LEDs
We do not recommend that you turn on your TV. Even if the TV looks great, it will be difficult to fix if it stops working.

Hotel design is an artistic-functional act. I had created a story with meaning and direction. It sounds simple, right? It’s not. It is important to remember many things when designing a hotel space. Although it can seem overwhelming, we have some tips that will help.

It is important to think about it as an action-reaction. Any aesthetic element can have an impact on the functionality of the space and vice versa. It may look great, but does that not make the experience more difficult? This is one question you should ask when setting up a hotel space.
Let’s just say that the rooms should be universal in design. They must feel equally at home in both a 7-year old child and a 45 year-old adult.
Finishes are very important. They must be durable, antimicrobial and easy to clean.
Maximize natural light as much as you can
Make sure you optimize space and don’t overload it.

What you want in a 4-star hotel bed room

You must meet a certain standard if you want to stay in a 4-star hotel. These are the things you should look for in a 4-star hotel room.

  • Two bedside tables
  • Two small armchairs or an armchair with a stool
  • Room management system
  • Refrigerator – it should be ventilated
  • Sets of coffee or tea
  • Decorative objects
  • Mattress with topper
  • modular sockets
  • Adjustable bed lamps
  • USB socket at the headboard of the bed + 1 socket free + 1 lamp socket

How can we arrange the bathroom in a hotel room?

It’s amazing how different it is to feel at home when you take a bath in a hotel bathroom. It makes you feel relaxed and curious about what’s different. The hotel owners place a lot of emphasis on the bathrooms. In the past, the bathroom was seen as an “annex” to a room. Even an attempt was made to reduce, or even deny this space. After a day of walking, what tourist wants more than a relaxing and long soak? We thought so.

One of the most prominent trends in hotel bathroom design is the color-block monochrome bathroom. However, this bathroom uses bold and vivid colors. This approach is not suitable for all topics. A classic, minimalist, or modern bathroom may be more suitable.

However, if we had to offer any universally applicable advice about hotel rooms, it would be in relation to lighting, space and pampering. Make sure the bathroom is well lit and the natural light is present. You should also create the illusion of space. Don’t overcrowd the space. You can create a sanctuary for your guests by providing everything they need. A long soak at the hotel with a scented candle that emits vanilla aroma and a glass or wine is a great way to pamper them. It sounds great, doesn’t?

The lobby must meet the required standards.

A luggage storage space is better than a suitcase.
Carpet wears faster here – guests come in with trollers so we have to ensure it handles traffic
All corners must be made of metal – they are too heavy for luggage

Organise a hotel lobby

The journey from the room. Do you neglect it? It’s possible to believe that you don’t. Perhaps you are too anxious and tired to go to the room.

The transitions you make to the camera can subconsciously influence you. Think about it: You know from the photos that you will be accommodated inside a beautiful room. The hall is dirty. The carpet creaks every time you step on it. You don’t seem as enthusiastic to open the doors with the same enthusiasm. We admit that the lobby is important!

Delimit the area – this will help to eliminate the impression of a long corridor, like a tunnel. It can be scary, but it is a common sight in horror movies. It should be enjoyable to walk on: Imagine that we are talking about an alleyway you are walking down. It’s important to have enough space and a beautiful view.

One thing to remember when you think about the hotel lobby is to make it multi-sensory. Make the most of your senses.

The hall may smell like grandma’s house with vanilla cake or, on the other hand, the freshness from the mountains or the sea.
I see: This is where colors and decorations come into play. They can be used to transpose guests anywhere in the world in time and space.
Touch: velvet, velvet, silky, satin, and fresh cotton. Didn’t these materials all arouse your senses, too? Textures are so important because what you feel and what you touch with your fingers will stimulate your senses far more than you might think.

A hotel room can be lit

What do you think if we discuss the art of lighting, as I mentioned in my article about psychology?

You already know that lighting is crucial, no matter what space we are referring to. Lighting can make a hotel room uncomfortable or even cause a guest to leave. It could be something that makes the guest return to your hotel and make them recommend it to others.

  • Generous
  • Strong accent
  • Warm, concentrated

The blue light is also available, but it should be ignored in the hotel room. It is too distracting and won’t allow guests to rest. The lighting needs of the lobby, entrance, bathroom, and office must be considered. Built-in spotlights, table lamps and sconces are all options (next to mirrors).

Lamps or sconces must be placed in the area where the bed is. You will need lighting on multiple levels if you have a hotel room that is larger than 15 square metres.

You can make decorations your friend or enemy, but that’s it. Many hotel owners want to create a complete and complex arrangement. However, decoration is not the only way to create abundance. It comes from energy, fusion. Decorations should be carefully chosen. Simplicity is better than complexity. Use phytodesign to its full extent, but don’t fill the space with inspirational quotes, paintings, or other decorations. You want him to feel satisfied, but not suffocating.

Colors & Textures

While we have discussed colors and the psychology of color, we feel it is important to also mention that colors should be chosen with meaning. For example, if you are looking to create a hotel with a marine theme, you shouldn’t paint your walls pink. The hotel room should be a fusion of different themes. Your brand must have the colors.

Textures are crucial – they combine textures and materials to create an unforgettable sensory experience. We can see shapes and colors, but the texture is what we feel. They touch us and instantly instill a certain state: velvety or silky refinement. The warmth of wool. The familiarity of wool’s textures and colors.

Sound insulation

You want comfort at all levels. All the details are important and they create a whole set of emotions and states. The floor must not creak and should be resistant against heavy traffic. You don’t need to hear your guests talk in the hallway. That’s why soundproofing is necessary. These details may seem like they’re optional but they can make or break your guests’ return to your hotel.
Why should you work with us?

You will also see our niceness if you visit the pages dedicated for the team. This is the third important asset.

First, we work quickly: We have a well-developed process within our company that allows us to deliver larger and more complex projects in a shorter time.

The second reason is that we work mostly for companies – B2B. This aspect made it important to pay attention to budgets, and maximize the return on your investment. We are able to choose what to sacrifice and what to stand by. We don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a maid

What is a maid?

Are you looking to find a job? Do you want to be a maid in a hotel? You want to find out what it is? Are you familiar with its functions?

We will be showing you the duties and tasks of a maid. This may be a good job for you.

Hotel maids, as they are sometimes called, work in the role of roommates or hotel maids. These are the most important positions in the hospitality industry. These positions require the ability to work hard and care for clients in detail. There are women and men who can do this job.

You don’t need to be educated in order to learn.

A maid must have the ability to coordinate, dexterity and endurance as well as a positive relationship with guests and supervisors.

Maids must be able not only to meet physical requirements but also to show professionalism and good manners. They are synonymous with cleanliness.

9 functions of a hotel maid

The maid cleans the rooms in the hotel. She wears the same uniform as the rest of them, including the corridors and bathrooms. These are the main responsibilities of the maid, although the exact salary will vary depending on which hotel you choose.

Take out all rubbish

  • You can put them in the trash or on your countertops. Every time a room is cleaned, the housekeeper must place a new bag into each bin.
    Dust off hotel furniture
  • Include cabinets, desks and TVs.
  • Change your bedding daily
  • Change of sheets, blankets and covers. The sheets are often folded into shapes that match the décor of the room.
    Disinfect the bathroom counters and the toilet area.
  • Indoor and outdoor, wash toilets and showers. You should clean the bathroom and other areas that are tiled in your hotel room.
  • Vacuuming carpets and bedroom furniture

Some hotels require that furniture be moved to the vacuum below. It vacuums upholstered furniture such as chairs and sofas.
Replenishment and replacement of room supplies

Shampoo, soap and towel replacement. You can also replenish your supplies with napkins, toilet paper, and mugs.
Management of safety equipment

Management and guests should be alerted to any potential hazards such as damp floors, leakage or damp floors.

Make sure the basket is clean

The wheelbarrow is used for delivering supplies to each room, and for disposing of dirt and sheets. The stroller should be in the same place as the cabinet.
Offer special services to customers

Provide all support and assistance to customers. You will get better advice if you provide better customer service.

A maid’s skills

According to the manual, hotel maids should have special care skills. The following skills are the most important:
Customer service skills

The hotel maids should be able respond quickly to guests.

The hotel maids should communicate with guests and be friendly to them.

Skills that are detail-oriented

You must pay attention to detail when cleaning according to your job description and hotel maid profile. A poor image and a disgruntled guest experience can be caused by small debris like cement behind the taps or on tiles.

The maids of the hotel must ensure that the room has enough towels, towels, and toilet paper. You must arrange your pillows, cushions and bed linen in a simple or precise manner.

Mathematical skills

It is crucial for hotel maids that they can measure liquid units in order to prepare cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.

To clean safely and effectively, they must be able to handle chemicals safely. Some of them will require mixing to dilute substances like bleach and ammonia.

Physical skills

To be able to push carts with brooms and mops, and operate vacuum cleaners, mop and brooms, hotel maids must have strength and endurance.

To perform the duties of a maid in a hotel, the employee must reach out, squat down, bend over and engage in repetitive movements. In hot and humid areas, waitresses might have to work during the summer months.

What are the requirements to be a maid in a hotel?

To be a hotel maid, you need to have the following qualities:

  • Work confidently, be responsible, and be punctual.
  • Learn how to listen attentively and follow the instructions of your manager.
  • You should be polite and good at interpersonal skills to get along with others, especially hotel guests.
  • It is important to be knowledgeable about cleaning equipment and how to handle chemicals.
  • It is important to have good housekeeping skills, as this will be the first duty of a hotel maid.
  • Positive attitudes are a good thing.

You must be positive when working as a hotel maid.

The hotel’s maids will be a representative of the hotel. It is important that they are friendly, approachable, and have basic knowledge about the hotel.

This will help you get started. This will give you an overview of the major tasks. Your willingness to work will determine the rest. Cheer up!
Hotel maid job opportunities

Given the strength and continuous growth of the hotel and tourism sectors of the economy, there is a good chance that hotel managers will find a job.

Depending on the season and the weather, positions are available in seasonal, part-time, and temporary areas.

Hotel maids are subject to significant pressure from guests and can be expected to work under extreme conditions. However, they can make a career out of it by gaining valuable experience in the hotel industry or the hospitality industry.

With their skills, work history and knowledge, those who choose to enter this field will find many employment opportunities. The job description of a maid combines sanitation and comfort for tourists and travelers.

8 reasons to choose a 5-star hotel

What is a 5-star hotel like?

You should consider where you will be sleeping during your vacation before you make the decision to go on a relaxing getaway. A 5 star hotel is not as luxurious as you might think. It will provide comfort for you and your loved ones.

A luxury hotel is a different proposition. You will receive the finest services and other reasons to choose a hotel of high grandeur.
Why would I call you a 5-star hotel?

Hotels are usually rated between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest. The following characteristics are considered when a hotel is classified: quality of services, service provided, appearance, and decoration of the hotel, among others.

The constant evaluations of different advertising agencies, which collect reviews and anonymous shoppers from buyers, determine that the category is awarded to a happy hotel.

When choosing a hotel for a long vacation, it is best to base your decision on how you rate the place. If you’re looking for specific features, I recommend you do so. You may not wish to stay at a hotel less than three stars.

Through this article, I invite you to discover eight reasons why you should choose luxury hotels.

These are 8 reasons to choose a 5-star hotel

You can feel exhausted and dismotivated from the stress and tension in your life today. Escape to a luxury resort It is the ideal way to relieve all stress from your home.

These are 8 great reasons to choose a stylish hotel.
Adventure and activities at 5 Star Hotels

Luxurious inns offer more than just a room and a bed. You can find a variety of activities to enjoy while you are there, such as yoga, tennis, yoga, and other water sports.
A 5 star hotel should offer you the opportunity to rest.

You don’t have to travel, but there are many activities that can be done at the hotel. They will ensure you have comfort and quality throughout your stay. This includes the highest level of service from beginning to end.

A comfortable bed

You should always think about what you choose and how it will affect your sleep. A good bed is enough for holidays. A 5 star hotel will have the best mattresses, and they also offer free changes.
For mod

It is best to choose the right room because it has many features and all you need. These facilities are a luxurious addition to your hotel stay.

Comfort includes slippers, bathrobes and coffee makers, large work desks, minibars and plenty of towels.
It’s a good investment

You are making a wise investment by choosing a luxurious hotel. These rooms are decorated with high-quality furniture and create a cozy environment. Other features include WiFi, drinks and breakfast, TV, and many more.

A safe environment

These 5-star hotels are safe environments. They have highly trained security personnel and a 24 hour surveillance system from XNUMX.
Wonderful view

Because they are in the most popular tourist areas, these luxury hotels offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscapes. You won’t have to travel far to get to your accommodation.

5-star hotel with high-quality restaurants

These luxury hotels offer gourmet dining. They have top chefs who will ensure you get the best quality and taste in food.
A 5-star luxury hotel is a great choice

It is a way to elevate your quality of life and to feel more comfortable. Luxury hotels may not have all these attributes.

This ostentatious inn will provide you with many benefits from your arrival until your departure.

These guidelines will help you appreciate the privileges that come with staying in a luxurious hotel.

Enjoy a great selection of drinks to welcome you.
You will be welcomed with delicious delicacies like macarons and chocolate.
Sometimes, a bottle wine or champagne is all you need.
The room is filled with beautiful flowers.
You can also get local sweets, tea, and chocolate as welcome gifts.
You will get the best attention from the staff
We will get in touch with you immediately upon your arrival to discuss any special requests.
You will be greeted warmly and checked in to your room.
You will get great advice and tips to help you choose the right areas and destinations. He can also be hired as a guide.
It provides unpacking and packing services.
It also offers parking services.
Highly trained, polite, and fluent in many languages.

These luxury hotels also often try to accommodate special requests such as weddings, birthdays, and other romantic meals.

A 5-star hotel can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience. You will only find the most luxurious hotels around the globe that are worth your consideration. They will not offer any of the features listed in this article.

Top Tips to Save Money on Vacation

A cheap vacation can still be amazing and full of beauty, despite the common mentality. It’s not about the accommodation or the time spent at the beach that makes a trip memorable, but the excitement of exploring new landscapes and new places. You can enjoy the freedom to spend your time relaxing with friends and family. Don’t let your summer vacation budget discourage you. A stay could be a million times better than a tourist with a large budget and pompous destination. You can have beautiful and unique experiences when you go on an all-inclusive, low-budget vacation. Why go on vacation? All inclusive vacations are possible in almost any location. You can take your backpack with you and explore new places. These are seven ways to save money on your next trip, without giving up the pleasures.

  1. Save for holidays by opening a holiday savings account

It can be difficult to save money when your monthly salary isn’t enough. With a little effort you can save a lot of cash for your dream vacation. You can open a savings account, and each month you will put in a small amount. This money would be used to buy groceries on weekends. You can also deposit it whenever it is convenient for you and still have some lei in your pocket. It will surprise you to see how many they accumulate at the end. It’s an old-fashioned method, but it has been the most successful so far.

  1. Flexibility is key

Holidays can be more or less expensive depending on when they are taken. The prices will be higher if you book it during peak season. It is what we all desire. I don’t understand why. Summer heat can make it difficult to enjoy the beaches during high season holidays. Even if you have kids, it is best to avoid the end of the season. Despite the fact that there are some places where the weather is pleasant and the beaches remain, nobody goes there. I visit Rhodes in October, for instance. You will find full sun, and prices that are twice as low on planes than in season. Flexibility and analysis of time and destination are key factors. You can always give your kids a week off, as you already know. This is the best way for vacation savings

  1. Last-Minute Flight Tickets

Flexibility means that you can travel at any hour. You can get huge discounts on airline tickets, which is good because there is often a lot to do. These are great opportunities to book your tickets right away. These amazing deals are available every month for a specific destination. Check out the airline newsletters for promotions. There may be a variety of city breaks available at very low prices, as well as super-discount airfare during certain times. After that, take a vacation. If you’re not picky, there will be plenty of affordable accommodation.

  1. You can rent a car

You can also rent a car instead of taking public transport when on vacation. Although it’s more expensive, renting a car is cheaper over the long-term, for example, 7 days. This is especially true if you are traveling with your family. Many car rental companies offer significant discounts if you rent a vehicle for more than five days. To get a great discount, you may rent the car for longer than necessary. You will get free days when you book for a longer time period.

  1. Do not stop at the fair’s navel

Never choose a restaurant near the centre of any resort or city where you plan to spend your vacation. You will not find authentic food and the prices are always higher. A sandwich will suffice if you have an emergency. If you do rent a car, try to go to places that are less touristy (villages and taverns far from the beach). You will be more satisfied with the service, food, and ambiance. Prices are not too expensive.

  1. Give up souvenirs

Souvenirs can be beautiful but are often not useful. Stop giving gifts to your family members. They are expensive and even though they may seem inexpensive, holiday gifts can be a significant expense. A few seashells from the beach can make great souvenirs. Focus on natural, destination-friendly souvenirs. There are many options for oil, soaps, and kitchen magnets.

For a low-budget vacation you should pay close attention to airline promotions, pick a time that is a few weeks later in high season, and sacrifice small expenses which may seem insignificant but eat a significant portion of your budget. budget. If you don’t have the budget, take as many beautiful and cheap holidays as possible.

Ambient fragrance is an important part of a hotel’s design. Here are the facts!

What is Scent Marketing?
Scent marketing is a relatively new practice in the industry. It involves engaging customers in a full sensory experience with perfumes that leave an impression and associate the brand’s flavors with them.

There are many types of marketing. Most of them focus on the product’s aesthetic quality and the sales campaigns. Some also include special rewards to attract customers. Scent Marketing, on the other hand is subtler and can be used to create a memory or tell a story.
You can try these scent marketing strategies

Environmental smells

Complex services and cleanliness are two factors that will make your hotel stand out in the reviews. This will result in more loyal customers and cleaner hotels. But what about a complex experience where the scent transforms customers into a relaxed holiday atmosphere to which they want to return?

Your customers and tourists will feel relaxed and at ease in your rooms. Your customers will be able to relax and enjoy a few days at your hotel.

Pleasant smells convey everything you wish to communicate and can be demonstrated through actions. You don’t have to be satisfied with the appearance of clean and refreshing underwear. Experienced tourists know that the first impression can deceive us.

You can surprise them by taking a moment to smell them and refreshing their pillows, linens, towels, or curtains with an air freshener. For the bathroom, you can use lemon or fir and lavender for the bedroom.

Scent themed

You can highlight the services offered by your hotel, such as a gym or spa, with a special scent that is in harmony with the emotions and moods your customers seek.

  1. Misterioso fragrance in the breakfast area
  2. Blavet perfume available at the reception
  3. The Spa at the Hotel features Aurore Spa fragrance.

The reception was filled with warm and cheerful atmosphere, thanks to the use of citrus, woody and oriental notes. These were created by Blavet’s essences, such as vanilla, orange and musk.

Breakfast is a time when you are surrounded by a gentle, sweet scent. It reminds us of a good morning hug.

For complete relaxation, at the end, after exploring the mountains around the hotel, you can find yourself again. You will be able to drift off into dreams in the oriental garden, which features jasmine, mandarins and roses. The Aurore Spa perfume contains musk and is composed of musk.

Sign up with your scent

A signature scent is more than a pleasant smell and holiday atmosphere. It can also be the hotel’s business card. Choose a unique scent that represents your business.

Your hospitality, professionalism, and dedication will be reflected in a unique flavor that conveys the emotions you want customers to have when they visit your place. Consider each note and choose the one that creates the right atmosphere for your customers.

Your hotel’s values and strengths must be reflected in the signature scent. This will create a welcoming atmosphere and instill images and sensations throughout the hotel. Your customers can leave little goodbye or welcome surprises to help them remember your scent.

You can incorporate the hotel’s aroma into a candle made with essential oils, a few chopsticks, a perfume bottle, or a souvenir. Customers can also take the bag home. They will be grateful for the thoughtfulness and gesture of giving something to them as a souvenir.

Complete sensory experience

You can also include ambient scents in your hotel by creating sensory experiences. This is a type of 3D accommodation in which the senses are directed in a particular direction. Imagine a Scandinavian-decorated room with a forest scent or a room decorated in pastel colors with a scent of flowers.

What marketing effect can environmental perfumes have?

  • Enhance and enhance the customer experience Scents can help increase brand recognition
  • Contributes to customer loyalty Your brand should create olfactory memories
  • Communicate the message and story of your business (hospitality. Kindness. Professionalism. Attention to detail. It creates an
  • emotional connection with your business, which can be characterized as warmth, familiarity and identification.
  • Positive emotions, relaxation, and well-being. Customers feel a deep connection with the place, the people
  • I incite buying behavior, extended stays, positive reviews, and other such things. Increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity

Hotel benefits of using environmental perfumes
Ambient scents make a positive impression on new customers and increase satisfaction for all who stay in your hotel. Customers who are loyal will return to your hotel in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere without worrying about whether their vacation was anything less than perfect.

Your hotel’s aromas will leave you with strong memories of the places and the entire experience. The hotel that provided a vacation of honor and moments for pampering away from the hustle bustle of daily life will be a place guests will return to again and again. Through reviews and recommendations, they will be able to see the value of your services and will thank you over time for your hospitality and attention.

How to select an environment fragrance for your hotel

There are many factors that can influence the choice of the best environment fragrance. However, it is crucial that the scent is associated with your company’s values. The flavors can be modified according to the season or the area being targeted (restaurants, spas, gyms, etc.). You can pick a signature scent depending on where you are staying (seaside, mountain, downtown). ).

It also considers consumer health policies. Some substances can be allergenic and concentrated essences may cause irritation to the skin or eyes. Professional hotel air fresheners are one solution. They disperse your favorite flavors in air vapors that are evenly distributed across the room.

Think about the scents you choose for your hotel. Now think about how your guests will feel. Also, what memories they’ll have of the hotel and the experiences there.

Hotel secrets

  1. Independent hotels are more likely than chain hotels to offer discounts. Some chains of hotels oppose lower prices.
  2. Eco options such as giving up cleaning your bedroom every day can sometimes be used to excuse not paying the maid or to make her work more enjoyable.
  3. Maids are the most dangerous employees in a hotel. This includes everything from moving furniture and mattresses to constant exposure to household waste, garbage and other dirt that can turn your stomach upside-down.
  4. It is appreciated to leave a tip for the maid, but it hasn’t been worn in a while.
  5. You can still leave a tip by putting it under your pillow and leaving a note indicating who it was for.
  6. Online bookings can earn hotels a 30% commission. You may get a lower price if you book directly with the hotel.
  7. You can call the toll-free number to book and they will direct you to the central office which sets the rates. You can negotiate the rate by calling the hotel directly.
  8. Be careful when it comes to negotiation: If the hotel is full, guess who will lose their first room? Well, cheap customers
  9. If you are not satisfied with your hotel reservation, you won’t be compensated.
  10. The reception staff can run errands and unclog toilets, tie knots, provide clean towels, handle corpses (it still happens …)) and even make breakfast.
  11. You will be able to benefit from upgrades if you frequent a specific location or hotel, and you are civil.
  12. You can negotiate many more items than you could imagine. Ask if the hotel offers hot breakfast or continental breakfast. It’s possible to be surprised.
  13. Employers sometimes lie to their employees. If the reception staff says that an elevator will be repaired on the weekend, but you don’t hear back, it is a sign that the hotel won’t pay for weekend repairs.
  14. If you take a trip to expensive tourist spots, some hotel porters may make a commission. Ask at the reception for impartial recommendations.
  15. You cannot guarantee you’ll get a double bed if you ask for it. Call the hotel, no matter how convincing the agent at the travel agency may seem. It rings again, the next day you are leaving home.
  16. Do not ask for an upgrade if you don’t want to be heard by other hotel guests. Are you looking for a bigger room? Ask for a corner.
  17. You can increase your chances of getting upgraded by arriving earlier in the morning when rooms are available.
  18. You can get Wi-Fi or water bottles for free, but they are often charged a fee. If you ask the man for them, you might even be able to get them for free.
  19. This may be obvious, but hotel location is always a factor. You don’t have to stay at the main boulevard. Instead, find something closer, but not significantly more expensive.
  20. Names can also be purchased. Independent hotels have many advantages, as I mentioned above. Moreover, the majority of well-known hotels in tourist destinations are not listed hotels.
  21. You can still benefit from a children’s menu even if the menu does not include one.
  22. Another thing to note about tips: Most hotels have a rotating staff system, which means that you will always have another maid. Yes, you can be a Lord of the Rings. $5 for 3 stars, $10 for 4 stars, and $20 for 5 stars.
  23. It is best to look at the comments of others who have been there before to get a better idea of where to stay.
  24. A 5-star hotel can offer one-star services.
  25. The number of stars does not necessarily reflect the quality of the services. The stars are not indicative of a change in the quality of services, such as the size of the rooms or the number shops within the hotel.