8 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Crete

Crete Island is a wonderful place to spend a holiday. Crete Island is the most exotic destination in Greece. It has everything you need: pure olive oil, small bananas to palm groves, and colorful sandy beaches. It’s not just today, but also yesterday. Crete is a popular holiday destination in Europe, with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and rich history. Crete has seen the birth of European civilizations, dwarf mammoths and the king among the gods. Crete, no matter your taste, is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Greece. Here are some reasons Greece, and especially Crete, is the right choice.

  1. This is the place where modern European civilization started

Crete is the place where Europe’s civilization started. This place is a cultural crossroads. Asia and the Middle East have clashed over Europe and Africa over the past five millennia. The Cretans were often stuck in the middle. Crete was named by the Minoans, Europe’s first advanced civilization. They lived there for approximately 1,500 years before the tsunami struck the island. This was after the eruption of Santorini volcano nearby. The Minoans created the first currency, money, and transactions at that time. The rest of Europe continues to struggle with spears. Crete has hosted many foreigners over the years. Cretan Greek is a unique dialect that includes a lot of Arabic and English terms, Latin phrases, and standard Greek terms.

  1. It is known for its clear water, beautiful beaches, and healing air.

Crete is the ideal destination for your dream vacation. It is home to some of the most stunning water in the Mediterranean, including clear waters with breathtaking underwater views up to 40m. It is ideal for families with small children as the level is very low, making it easy to enjoy a holiday in Crete. The majority of beaches are awarded the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness. Top beaches include Elafonissi, which is a beautiful white sand beach with pink notes from thousands of broken shells. Falassarna, which is one of Europe’s best beaches, and Bali. The healing air is a well-known fact around the globe. It has been proven that the island’s residents are among the most healthy and long-lived in the world. Hippocrates, the father and founder of medicine, recommended “Cretan Air” to his patients in ancient times.

  1. He has something to offer everyone

Malia is a small resort located 32km east of Heraklion, the Cretan capital and 25km west of Agios Nikolaos. You will find a peaceful scene with sandy beaches, the Dikti mountains to the south and the small valley between them. Old Malia is located south of the main road. It has narrow streets and houses filled with bougainvillea flowers. There are also small taverns that offer live Greek music. On the other hand, the Malia Coast offers great souvenir shops and cafes as well as bars, bars, and entertainment all night. This city has a rich history. It boasts its Minoan Palace, the third-largest such palace in Crete. Built in a stunning setting by the ocean, it is also the third largest in Crete.

  1. Zeus, the king among the Greek gods was born in this place

Concrete is best in a cave. The cave is one of many ancient excavations on the island. These sites have been a popular tourist attraction in Crete in recent years.

  1. Knossos

Knossos Palace, without doubt, is the most important historical attraction on the island. It is Europe’s oldest city and serves as the economic and ceremonial center for the Minoans. Legend has it that King Minos ordered Daedalus, an artist, to create a maze under his palace to contain the Minotaur. This is the beast with the head and body of a man and the body of a bull. Minos didn’t want to kill him so he hidden the Minotaur in the maze. This maze was so complex that only the Greek hero Theseus, in love with Ariadne (the daughter of Minos), could see his way through it.

All of the palace’s interesting features, such as frescoes and throne rooms, mazes and many other fascinating features, were tastefully recreated. This site is located near Heraklion and illustrates the great stories and remains, especially when compared to many museums. Knossos, which is located near Heraklion, is the second most visited modern attraction in Greece after the Acropolis. Based on merit.

  1. Crete Mountains and Samaria Gorges

Crete lies on the backbone a ridge containing submarine mountains that connects Asia Minor and Africa. Crete is a mountainous island because of this. Over 300 sacred caves, peaks and waterfalls are found in the White Mountains. Hidden beaches can also be found within the White Mountains. These areas are quiet, peaceful and quite private along the coast. There are 50 quays on the island, including Samaria Gorges, which is Europe’s longest gorge, at 17 km long. It is the owner of a portion of the national park, which is the largest in southwest Crete.

  1. Crete is home to its own language, art and literature.

Cretans are well-known among Greeks from other regions for their loyalty to local culture. This includes their unique language, art, jewelry and pottery, as well as their cooking skills. Technically, Cretan is Greek, although it is the same language that is spoken on the island. The island is home to important musical instruments, such as the laouto (mandolin), lyra (harp), and lyra (lyra). Mantinade is the island’s poetry. Dance is an important part of the cultural heritage, many xxx movies have been made here. Music festivals are held all over the island in summer. Cretans pride themselves on their traditions and customs. You can find Cretans in traditional ports every day at work. Rethymno, the third-largest city on the island, is also the cultural heart of the island. It is the place that inspired writers, poets, and painters. The Cretan University students are a majority of its centre.

  1. Celebrities that came from Crete

Crete is small, but it has a lot of famous people who were born here. El Greco, a Greek Renaissance artist who settled in Spain (hence his name), Nana Mouskouri, novelist Nikos Kasantzakis, and Georgios Samara – the Manchester City’s star striker, are just a few of them. John Aniston, actor and star of “Days of our Lives”, the 1970s, is also worth mentioning. He is the father of Jennifer.

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