Ambient fragrance is an important part of a hotel’s design. Here are the facts!

What is Scent Marketing?
Scent marketing is a relatively new practice in the industry. It involves engaging customers in a full sensory experience with perfumes that leave an impression and associate the brand’s flavors with them.

There are many types of marketing. Most of them focus on the product’s aesthetic quality and the sales campaigns. Some also include special rewards to attract customers. Scent Marketing, on the other hand is subtler and can be used to create a memory or tell a story.
You can try these scent marketing strategies

Environmental smells

Complex services and cleanliness are two factors that will make your hotel stand out in the reviews. This will result in more loyal customers and cleaner hotels. But what about a complex experience where the scent transforms customers into a relaxed holiday atmosphere to which they want to return?

Your customers and tourists will feel relaxed and at ease in your rooms. Your customers will be able to relax and enjoy a few days at your hotel.

Pleasant smells convey everything you wish to communicate and can be demonstrated through actions. You don’t have to be satisfied with the appearance of clean and refreshing underwear. Experienced tourists know that the first impression can deceive us.

You can surprise them by taking a moment to smell them and refreshing their pillows, linens, towels, or curtains with an air freshener. For the bathroom, you can use lemon or fir and lavender for the bedroom.

Scent themed

You can highlight the services offered by your hotel, such as a gym or spa, with a special scent that is in harmony with the emotions and moods your customers seek.

  1. Misterioso fragrance in the breakfast area
  2. Blavet perfume available at the reception
  3. The Spa at the Hotel features Aurore Spa fragrance.

The reception was filled with warm and cheerful atmosphere, thanks to the use of citrus, woody and oriental notes. These were created by Blavet’s essences, such as vanilla, orange and musk.

Breakfast is a time when you are surrounded by a gentle, sweet scent. It reminds us of a good morning hug.

For complete relaxation, at the end, after exploring the mountains around the hotel, you can find yourself again. You will be able to drift off into dreams in the oriental garden, which features jasmine, mandarins and roses. The Aurore Spa perfume contains musk and is composed of musk.

Sign up with your scent

A signature scent is more than a pleasant smell and holiday atmosphere. It can also be the hotel’s business card. Choose a unique scent that represents your business.

Your hospitality, professionalism, and dedication will be reflected in a unique flavor that conveys the emotions you want customers to have when they visit your place. Consider each note and choose the one that creates the right atmosphere for your customers.

Your hotel’s values and strengths must be reflected in the signature scent. This will create a welcoming atmosphere and instill images and sensations throughout the hotel. Your customers can leave little goodbye or welcome surprises to help them remember your scent.

You can incorporate the hotel’s aroma into a candle made with essential oils, a few chopsticks, a perfume bottle, or a souvenir. Customers can also take the bag home. They will be grateful for the thoughtfulness and gesture of giving something to them as a souvenir.

Complete sensory experience

You can also include ambient scents in your hotel by creating sensory experiences. This is a type of 3D accommodation in which the senses are directed in a particular direction. Imagine a Scandinavian-decorated room with a forest scent or a room decorated in pastel colors with a scent of flowers.

What marketing effect can environmental perfumes have?

  • Enhance and enhance the customer experience Scents can help increase brand recognition
  • Contributes to customer loyalty Your brand should create olfactory memories
  • Communicate the message and story of your business (hospitality. Kindness. Professionalism. Attention to detail. It creates an
  • emotional connection with your business, which can be characterized as warmth, familiarity and identification.
  • Positive emotions, relaxation, and well-being. Customers feel a deep connection with the place, the people
  • I incite buying behavior, extended stays, positive reviews, and other such things. Increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity

Hotel benefits of using environmental perfumes
Ambient scents make a positive impression on new customers and increase satisfaction for all who stay in your hotel. Customers who are loyal will return to your hotel in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere without worrying about whether their vacation was anything less than perfect.

Your hotel’s aromas will leave you with strong memories of the places and the entire experience. The hotel that provided a vacation of honor and moments for pampering away from the hustle bustle of daily life will be a place guests will return to again and again. Through reviews and recommendations, they will be able to see the value of your services and will thank you over time for your hospitality and attention.

How to select an environment fragrance for your hotel

There are many factors that can influence the choice of the best environment fragrance. However, it is crucial that the scent is associated with your company’s values. The flavors can be modified according to the season or the area being targeted (restaurants, spas, gyms, etc.). You can pick a signature scent depending on where you are staying (seaside, mountain, downtown). ).

It also considers consumer health policies. Some substances can be allergenic and concentrated essences may cause irritation to the skin or eyes. Professional hotel air fresheners are one solution. They disperse your favorite flavors in air vapors that are evenly distributed across the room.

Think about the scents you choose for your hotel. Now think about how your guests will feel. Also, what memories they’ll have of the hotel and the experiences there.

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