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What is the importance of hotel interior design?

Let’s just say that I’ve seen worse. What does a hotel look? That is a question we love to answer. Because we are always convinced that the answer to this question is a “yes”. It matters a lot how a hotel room is decorated. We could go on, but we won’t. We care about the hotel’s interior design.

The brand’s trademark is the design of the hotel rooms
The design influences (and sometimes suggests) the quality and value of the services.
The design determines the comfort of tourists
Design is a competitive advantage in the market.

How to organize a hotel reception

Reception at a hotel is the equivalent of “good morning.” It can also be called “good morning”

The lobby, or reception, is where we first come into contact with the hotel. The reception is the most important element that tourists see. The reception has a huge visual impact. When you enter a room, all the colors, shapes, and textures blend perfectly. Or vice versa. You enter a room, and you rush to find your way out.

It is important to remember this when it comes to reception at a hotel: “If my brand were to tell the tourist one thing, then what would it?” It could be about

  • Here you will feel at home. It’s warm, comfortable and inviting
  • Here you can run from home: It’s escape, relaxation
  • Here you can disconnect from your worries
  • It’s luxury!
  • Here’s another.

You need to think about both style and durability when designing a reception. You should invest in durable, high-quality flooring that can withstand heavy traffic because the area is very busy. Also, consider the comfort of tourists. This is where the aesthetic vision comes in. Your reception should be unifying and anchored in the same visual story from head to tail. The reception should flow smoothly, just like a dance.

The psychology behind colors when designing a hotel room

Picasso said that colors, like features, are affected by emotions.

We are influenced by colors, not only do they conquer us but also affect us. There is a concept known as “color psychology” that you may not be aware of. These are the states that colors have an impact on us. Some can make us happier while others can make our lives easier or more efficient. You must pay close attention to the colors you use when arranging a hotel room. Also, it is important to choose and handle colors carefully as fragile objects. They are fragile if they have an emotional impact. Let’s take a look at the most popular colors in hotel rooms and discover what they communicate to us.

Green: One of my favorite colors because it imprints calmness and emphasizes the connection to nature.

Orange: It is associated with revitalization, revival, and energy

Pink: Think pink! Pink is a soothing color that reminds you of home. It is romantic and cheerful and the perfect choice for a delicate and feminine room.
Neutral colors: Beige, cream, gray, and white are all used in hotels. They are versatile colors that can be used for many purposes and are classic colors that are calm and timeless.

Black, navy, and dark gray are all synonyms for masculinity. Actually, there are two: masculinity & refinement

What are the newest trends in hotel room design?

2022 brought new innovations in interior design. The past two years, which included the pandemics, have been a learning experience for interior designers. Everything is more: safer, cleaner, digitally enhanced, and more secure. Innovation is moving at a rapid pace and there is no stopping it. Among the latest trends in hotel design are:

The bathroom is a sanctuary: The bathroom in your hotel room becomes a sanctuary. It’s a spa, a place to relax and recharge.
Outdoor to indoor: The focus is shifting, and we are more focused on bringing nature in. The phytodesign, which is a combination of natural accents and rooms made from recycled materials, is becoming more popular than ever.

High-tech: The pandemic taught us that digitization is something we all need to embrace. Hotels are no exception. Everything becomes digital and guests no longer have to contact the host. The push system is used to replace the need to touch the doorknobs.
Multifunctional spaces and designated areas: The hotel room is like a home, it can be multifunctional. Perhaps a guest visits the hotel to work because there is no peace at home. Hotel rooms must have separate areas such as a desk and be arranged in a way that makes them part of one story.
These three coordinates are crucial in 2022 because we know that we are constantly searching for stories. The hotel room must be like this: It should have meaning, theme and purpose to take you somewhere. Everything contributes to this, from the color to quality of the underwear.

Here are some tips for organizing a hotel room

Before we get on to the planning tips that we have prepared for you, let us tell you some more important things to remember:

The rooms on the second floor are typically smaller and have no balcony. Therefore, their layout will be different
It is recommended that bathrooms are equipped with a quiet fan. This can be turned on by the light.
Our suggestion is to not illuminate walls with LEDs
We do not recommend that you turn on your TV. Even if the TV looks great, it will be difficult to fix if it stops working.

Hotel design is an artistic-functional act. I had created a story with meaning and direction. It sounds simple, right? It’s not. It is important to remember many things when designing a hotel space. Although it can seem overwhelming, we have some tips that will help.

It is important to think about it as an action-reaction. Any aesthetic element can have an impact on the functionality of the space and vice versa. It may look great, but does that not make the experience more difficult? This is one question you should ask when setting up a hotel space.
Let’s just say that the rooms should be universal in design. They must feel equally at home in both a 7-year old child and a 45 year-old adult.
Finishes are very important. They must be durable, antimicrobial and easy to clean.
Maximize natural light as much as you can
Make sure you optimize space and don’t overload it.

What you want in a 4-star hotel bed room

You must meet a certain standard if you want to stay in a 4-star hotel. These are the things you should look for in a 4-star hotel room.

  • Two bedside tables
  • Two small armchairs or an armchair with a stool
  • Room management system
  • Refrigerator – it should be ventilated
  • Sets of coffee or tea
  • Decorative objects
  • Mattress with topper
  • modular sockets
  • Adjustable bed lamps
  • USB socket at the headboard of the bed + 1 socket free + 1 lamp socket

How can we arrange the bathroom in a hotel room?

It’s amazing how different it is to feel at home when you take a bath in a hotel bathroom. It makes you feel relaxed and curious about what’s different. The hotel owners place a lot of emphasis on the bathrooms. In the past, the bathroom was seen as an “annex” to a room. Even an attempt was made to reduce, or even deny this space. After a day of walking, what tourist wants more than a relaxing and long soak? We thought so.

One of the most prominent trends in hotel bathroom design is the color-block monochrome bathroom. However, this bathroom uses bold and vivid colors. This approach is not suitable for all topics. A classic, minimalist, or modern bathroom may be more suitable.

However, if we had to offer any universally applicable advice about hotel rooms, it would be in relation to lighting, space and pampering. Make sure the bathroom is well lit and the natural light is present. You should also create the illusion of space. Don’t overcrowd the space. You can create a sanctuary for your guests by providing everything they need. A long soak at the hotel with a scented candle that emits vanilla aroma and a glass or wine is a great way to pamper them. It sounds great, doesn’t?

The lobby must meet the required standards.

A luggage storage space is better than a suitcase.
Carpet wears faster here – guests come in with trollers so we have to ensure it handles traffic
All corners must be made of metal – they are too heavy for luggage

Organise a hotel lobby

The journey from the room. Do you neglect it? It’s possible to believe that you don’t. Perhaps you are too anxious and tired to go to the room.

The transitions you make to the camera can subconsciously influence you. Think about it: You know from the photos that you will be accommodated inside a beautiful room. The hall is dirty. The carpet creaks every time you step on it. You don’t seem as enthusiastic to open the doors with the same enthusiasm. We admit that the lobby is important!

Delimit the area – this will help to eliminate the impression of a long corridor, like a tunnel. It can be scary, but it is a common sight in horror movies. It should be enjoyable to walk on: Imagine that we are talking about an alleyway you are walking down. It’s important to have enough space and a beautiful view.

One thing to remember when you think about the hotel lobby is to make it multi-sensory. Make the most of your senses.

The hall may smell like grandma’s house with vanilla cake or, on the other hand, the freshness from the mountains or the sea.
I see: This is where colors and decorations come into play. They can be used to transpose guests anywhere in the world in time and space.
Touch: velvet, velvet, silky, satin, and fresh cotton. Didn’t these materials all arouse your senses, too? Textures are so important because what you feel and what you touch with your fingers will stimulate your senses far more than you might think.

A hotel room can be lit

What do you think if we discuss the art of lighting, as I mentioned in my article about psychology?

You already know that lighting is crucial, no matter what space we are referring to. Lighting can make a hotel room uncomfortable or even cause a guest to leave. It could be something that makes the guest return to your hotel and make them recommend it to others.

  • Generous
  • Strong accent
  • Warm, concentrated

The blue light is also available, but it should be ignored in the hotel room. It is too distracting and won’t allow guests to rest. The lighting needs of the lobby, entrance, bathroom, and office must be considered. Built-in spotlights, table lamps and sconces are all options (next to mirrors).

Lamps or sconces must be placed in the area where the bed is. You will need lighting on multiple levels if you have a hotel room that is larger than 15 square metres.

You can make decorations your friend or enemy, but that’s it. Many hotel owners want to create a complete and complex arrangement. However, decoration is not the only way to create abundance. It comes from energy, fusion. Decorations should be carefully chosen. Simplicity is better than complexity. Use phytodesign to its full extent, but don’t fill the space with inspirational quotes, paintings, or other decorations. You want him to feel satisfied, but not suffocating.

Colors & Textures

While we have discussed colors and the psychology of color, we feel it is important to also mention that colors should be chosen with meaning. For example, if you are looking to create a hotel with a marine theme, you shouldn’t paint your walls pink. The hotel room should be a fusion of different themes. Your brand must have the colors.

Textures are crucial – they combine textures and materials to create an unforgettable sensory experience. We can see shapes and colors, but the texture is what we feel. They touch us and instantly instill a certain state: velvety or silky refinement. The warmth of wool. The familiarity of wool’s textures and colors.

Sound insulation

You want comfort at all levels. All the details are important and they create a whole set of emotions and states. The floor must not creak and should be resistant against heavy traffic. You don’t need to hear your guests talk in the hallway. That’s why soundproofing is necessary. These details may seem like they’re optional but they can make or break your guests’ return to your hotel.
Why should you work with us?

You will also see our niceness if you visit the pages dedicated for the team. This is the third important asset.

First, we work quickly: We have a well-developed process within our company that allows us to deliver larger and more complex projects in a shorter time.

The second reason is that we work mostly for companies – B2B. This aspect made it important to pay attention to budgets, and maximize the return on your investment. We are able to choose what to sacrifice and what to stand by. We don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

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