Hotel secrets

  1. Independent hotels are more likely than chain hotels to offer discounts. Some chains of hotels oppose lower prices.
  2. Eco options such as giving up cleaning your bedroom every day can sometimes be used to excuse not paying the maid or to make her work more enjoyable.
  3. Maids are the most dangerous employees in a hotel. This includes everything from moving furniture and mattresses to constant exposure to household waste, garbage and other dirt that can turn your stomach upside-down.
  4. It is appreciated to leave a tip for the maid, but it hasn’t been worn in a while.
  5. You can still leave a tip by putting it under your pillow and leaving a note indicating who it was for.
  6. Online bookings can earn hotels a 30% commission. You may get a lower price if you book directly with the hotel.
  7. You can call the toll-free number to book and they will direct you to the central office which sets the rates. You can negotiate the rate by calling the hotel directly.
  8. Be careful when it comes to negotiation: If the hotel is full, guess who will lose their first room? Well, cheap customers
  9. If you are not satisfied with your hotel reservation, you won’t be compensated.
  10. The reception staff can run errands and unclog toilets, tie knots, provide clean towels, handle corpses (it still happens …)) and even make breakfast.
  11. You will be able to benefit from upgrades if you frequent a specific location or hotel, and you are civil.
  12. You can negotiate many more items than you could imagine. Ask if the hotel offers hot breakfast or continental breakfast. It’s possible to be surprised.
  13. Employers sometimes lie to their employees. If the reception staff says that an elevator will be repaired on the weekend, but you don’t hear back, it is a sign that the hotel won’t pay for weekend repairs.
  14. If you take a trip to expensive tourist spots, some hotel porters may make a commission. Ask at the reception for impartial recommendations.
  15. You cannot guarantee you’ll get a double bed if you ask for it. Call the hotel, no matter how convincing the agent at the travel agency may seem. It rings again, the next day you are leaving home.
  16. Do not ask for an upgrade if you don’t want to be heard by other hotel guests. Are you looking for a bigger room? Ask for a corner.
  17. You can increase your chances of getting upgraded by arriving earlier in the morning when rooms are available.
  18. You can get Wi-Fi or water bottles for free, but they are often charged a fee. If you ask the man for them, you might even be able to get them for free.
  19. This may be obvious, but hotel location is always a factor. You don’t have to stay at the main boulevard. Instead, find something closer, but not significantly more expensive.
  20. Names can also be purchased. Independent hotels have many advantages, as I mentioned above. Moreover, the majority of well-known hotels in tourist destinations are not listed hotels.
  21. You can still benefit from a children’s menu even if the menu does not include one.
  22. Another thing to note about tips: Most hotels have a rotating staff system, which means that you will always have another maid. Yes, you can be a Lord of the Rings. $5 for 3 stars, $10 for 4 stars, and $20 for 5 stars.
  23. It is best to look at the comments of others who have been there before to get a better idea of where to stay.
  24. A 5-star hotel can offer one-star services.
  25. The number of stars does not necessarily reflect the quality of the services. The stars are not indicative of a change in the quality of services, such as the size of the rooms or the number shops within the hotel.

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