Things no one tells you when you stay at a hotel

  1. The front desk staff knows exactly what the best rooms are.

When you check in at a hotel, the person in front of you is the one who chooses the room you will stay in and knows if you will receive a good one or not. No matter what you saw on the site when you made the reservation, only the hotel staff members know exactly which rooms are large and which are small, which are far from the elevator, dimly lit, with a good view or not, noisy or not. Nobody else. In these conditions, it would be a very bad idea to behave arrogantly or ugly with the hotel staff. It can cost you dearly.

  1. If you have booked a cheap room, then you will get a cheap room.

Nowadays, when everything is done on the Internet, the person at the reception knows where you booked your room, how much you paid for it and exactly what facilities you opted for. And he probably got instructions on what to do when the rooms were booked for very low rates (promotions, etc.). In other words, when you pay $ 10 a night, you shouldn’t expect to get the best view room in the hotel and you can watch free porn always on brazzers.

  1. The “We don’t have free rooms” poster may not be true

Only the people at the front desk know the truth about the hotel’s occupancy. I know if someone canceled their reservation at the last minute or if certain rooms were not rented for one reason or another. One important thing: not all rooms are rented on booking sites. Many times, if you call the hotel directly to make a reservation, bypassing the booking sites, you can get a room that you would not otherwise have obtained.

  1. Hotel staff are sometimes poorly paid

When you are upset, tired or in need of something, it is good to remember that the hotel staff is, to a certain extent, poorly paid. Or people are very closely supervised by the manager. But still he tries to do his job properly. They don’t want to cause you trouble, ruin your vacation or, on the contrary, make you feel like a king. I’m just at work.

  1. It doesn’t make sense to make absurd claims. The books are always with the hotel staff

It is true, however, that these poorly paid people make the most critical decisions regarding your booking. Think about the following situation: If someone pays $ 159 for a product purchased from your store and then returns with the product because of an imaginary defect, how would you treat it? You would tell him to return the money, and then send him for a walk. The hotel staff probably won’t kick you out of the hotel after they give you your money back, but they have other ways to get you ready if you make absurd complaints: they can give you the smallest, noisiest room, or the brightest light.

  1. The past of the hotel employees is not fully verified. It wouldn’t even be possible

Before you leave your money and jewelry thrown around the room, don’t forget that not all hotel staff have a thoroughly verified background. Undoubtedly, most of the people who work in hotels are honest, but we have to admit that some of them were not checked before hiring. Why risk it then?

  1. The recommendations made by the hotel manager are not always reliable

It is already a routine for hotels to have their own recommendations when the customer wants information about bars, restaurants, means of transport, etc. However, the hotels have some hills with local restaurants, or maybe even the hotel owner has his own restaurant or bar. Employees may also be instructed not to direct customers to other restaurants or bars outside the resort or, conversely, the administrator will receive a commission if they recommend certain premises. It would be best to search for yourself on the Internet or on the spot. You can find reliable information and it is not worth relying solely on the recommendations of the hotel manager.

  1. Your room may be clean, but that doesn’t mean everything has been cleaned

You should know that women who clean have to clean between 10 and 30 rooms a day and have to move quickly between check-out and check-in time. In other words, they have about 15-20 minutes to clean each room. This means that the bedding will be changed, they will replace what was used overnight (glasses, towels and coffee cups), they will check the minibar and that’s it. Think about your own bedroom: how many things can you do in 15 minutes? That’s how clean your room is.

  1. Many things in your room are never (or almost never) cleaned

This category includes the coffee maker, cabinet handles, TV remote control and more. If you are germophobic, you should pay attention to everything in the room except the bedding.

  1. This is especially true for the bedspread

Hotels change bedspreads very rarely, although a lot of things happen on them. All hotel tips warn this: don’t lie directly on the blanket.

  1. Crazy things might have happened in your room

A common thing in the hotel industry is that no one talks about what happened in a hotel room. You will never find out from the front desk or from the maid if there have been scandalous adventures, arrests, drug parties, deaths or even murders in your room.

  1. The staff really doesn’t care if you do a bad review on the sites

Threatening staff with a bad review on TripAdvisor or social media is not as scary as we like to think. There have been other dissatisfied customers and there will be more. If you have a specific problem or think you deserve compensation, please contact the hotel manager directly. If you are still dissatisfied, you can make a bad review on a site. But that doesn’t mean that if you threaten your hotel staff, you will be treated like a king.

  1. If you check in too early or too late you may lose

If you arrive at the hotel outside of normal check-in hours, you may receive what the hotel has available at that time. And it might not be the best room…

  1. … on the other hand, it could mean that you get the best room.

However, some experts recommend that you try. Normally, if you arrive at the hotel in the morning, before all the rooms are ready, or in the evening, when most of them are occupied, what is left may be a better room than the one you paid for. Such better rooms are intentionally left to the last minute.

Recently, after a family trip, due to a long flight delay, I arrived at the hotel after 11 o’clock. had a lot of extra space. To give these special rooms, the hotel needs to be sold out or very close to being so, here’s what good luck on the heads of late travelers!

  1. The other travelers know all these things too, and we should take care of each other.

If hotel guests start paying more attention to how they behave in hotels, things would be better for all of us. For example, if you read this article, then try to keep the hotel room as clean as possible, and if I stay there the next night, I will do the same – we will all have fewer things to worry about.

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